Tibetan Buddha Statues Evolution and Inspiration

After Buddhism arrived on the Tibetan plateau, the result was a unique Tibetan Buddha statue meaning. Hand crafted Tibetan Buddha statues began to arrive from Nepal shortly thereafter, in the 8th century. Furthermore, Buddhist sculpture would continue to evolve along with Tibetan Buddhism. Traditional Buddhas and Bodhisattvas depicted with extravagance became the centerpieces of Tibetan rituals. As a result, monastic demand for Buddha sculpture proliferated. Indeed, Nepal would become the workshop for an authentic Buddha statue.

Tibetan Buddhist statues meanings expanded with peaceful, semi-wrathful and wrathful depictions. Additionally, some traditional Bodhisattvas would become fully fledged Tibetan Buddhas. The inspiration for the design of Tibetan Buddha statues originated in visions described by the lamas which they experienced during their meditation practice. Their descriptions of Tibetan deities would have many arms, heads and fearsome features. As a result, Dharma protectors, meditational deities and consorts would all be depicted with intricate detail. Although the traditional Shakyamuni Buddha statue remained, Tibetan Buddhism had tested the boundaries and the result was a new genre of Buddhist art.

Authentic Tibetan Buddha Statues from Traditional Sources

The Tibetan monasteries required the best Buddha sculpture created to specification. Nepali artisans used traditional sculpting techniques to portray the authentic Buddha statue meaning required by the monasteries. Following specification was imperative to correctly identifying Buddhist statues. As a result, Tibetan Buddha statues became the highest quality authentic Buddha statue.

The best Tibetan sculpture featured 24k gold gilding. This created an infinite shine and eliminated the accumulation of tarnish. Additionally, Tibetan Buddhists believe that valuable statues help practitioners accumulate merit. Indeed, inspiration derived from the use of Tibetan Buddha statues is amplified with higher quality.

About Tibetan Buddhas

Craftsmanship of the Nepali artisans has been protected within the family caste system for over 1000 years. As a result, Buddhist art of the highest quality is available for practitioners. Our selection of Tibetan sculpture is broad, including the most traditional Shakyamuni Buddha statue to the most extravagant Buddha sculpture. Furthermore, devotees can procure their Buddha statue online confident they will receive the world’s best sculpture for the best price.